Visualizing the Summer Games with Power View in Excel 2013!

Visualizing the Summer Games with Power View in Excel 2013!

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Senior Program Manager Sean Boon has created a great blog series that visualizes and analyzes different sets of data from this year’s summer games. Each post highlights a couple features in Power View for Excel 2013 and how you can build these reports for yourself.

In his first post, Sean starts off with by doing a breakdown of the 10,960 worldwide athletes that are participating in
the summer games and creates a visualization using Power View.


In Day 2 of his series, Sean demonstrates how easy it is to get to actionable insights with just a few clicks. Taking the report created from the previous day, this post takes you through a couple different exercises to show you the breakdown of sport participation by gender.


In Day 3 Sean adds in PowerPivot, everybody’s favorite number crunching tool, to the demo experience. After going over how to enable PowerPivot in Excel 2013, he walks through how to add images to the Power View visualizations being created.


Office 365 is introduced in Day 4 of Sean’s series, and we learn how you can save your workbooks to Office 365 and interact with them in a desktop browser. After uploading the workbook from the previous day’s post, you can view a fully interactive Power View report within a browser!


And that brings us to the most recent post in the series, Apps for Office and Drillable Visualizations. Sean explores a new app that has just been posted (as if on cue) called Medal Tracker. In addition, he takes us into the ability to drill on visualizations in Power View for more granular insights.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out Sean’s blog as our post is just scratching the surface of the series.

To learn more about the new BI features of Excel 2013, be sure read our post covering some of the new features in detail.

Finally, if you want to experience Power View and PowerPivot in Excel 2013, download the Office 2013 Preview for yourself and see what insight you can unlock in just a few clicks!

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