Microsoft BI Solution Builder Provides Roadmap to Better Business Intelligence

Microsoft BI Solution Builder Provides Roadmap to Better Business Intelligence

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Have you ever bought a new car or computer, and a year later you’re still discovering cool new features you never knew were there (because you didn’t take time to read the manual)?  When this happens, you kick yourself a little and think, “Dang, that feature would have made my life so much easier!” 

Well, IT software can sometimes be the same way, especially when it comes to Business Intelligence (BI).  You know you’re sitting on a gold mine of data, and you’re pretty sure you have all the software you need to tap into it… but what could you be missing?  What else could your existing IT infrastructure be doing to help transform your insights into actions?  This is a common problem we hear when talking with CIOs and other business leaders around the U.S.  Many times it just comes down to the fact that they don’t know what they don’t know.  And, they’re nervous about the opportunity cost of relying 100% on a single BI solution if a BI platform might be a better and more cost-effective approach.

That’s where the new Microsoft BI Solution Builder comes in.  This online configuration tool uses an interactive matrix to help you immediately see the BI capabilities in the products you currently own, and shows you the additional products you’d need to get BI capabilities you want. The tool also converts your company’s information – like industry type, existing software, use cases, and BI preferences – into a customized report that shows upgrade paths, resource links, case studies and white papers.  This final report can also be exported directly to PowerPoint with the click of a button, so you can save it to a more permanent format and access the links at a later time.

So check out the Microsoft BI Solution Builder today and discover all the cool BI capabilities you can tap into with products you already own (or could easily upgrade to).  Then, instead of being someone who randomly stumbles across cool new features, you can be the hero who gives leadership the good news that you’ve discovered a way to deliver on your BI strategy and save money at the same time!  Or at the very least, you can get a customized report that connects you to BI resources that are customized to your company.  Either way, our goal is that this tool will make a difference in your organization and move you from, “Dang, that feature would have made my life so much easier” to “Wow, Microsoft’s BI platform has just made my life so much easier!”

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