Microsoft nominated The Weather Channel for the Gartner Business Intelligence Excellence Award based on their 2012 initiative to implement a flexible BI solution based on Microsoft SQL Server 2012. The award, launched in 2005, recognizes recent business intelligence (BI) implementations that demonstrate high levels of business impact and integration of business, decision, analytical and information processes.

With the emergence of new technologies, ranging from mobile applications to social media platforms, the amount of subscriber data available to The Weather Channel had grown exponentially. There was great potential for the company to use this data to inform strategic business decisions. However, with their current data management system, it was difficult to analyze data in a timely manner, impeding the company’s ability to translate the available data into a valuable asset.

The Weather Channel needed to increase business insight, streamline reporting processes, and improve data control. In 2012, it implemented a flexible business intelligence solution based on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 to take advantage of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Power View via a portal and virtual desktops. As a result, The Weather Channel saves more than 160 hours each month generating reports, improves security and control, boosts efficiency, and increases insight and agility.

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