Today, Microsoft Finance Director Marc Reguera returns with a new installment in the “From Data to Insight & Impact” blog and video series.  After reading a special report about Africa’s progress in the March 2nd edition of The Economist, Marc wanted to review that progress by using Power View in combination with PPI by Microsoft.

In this example, Marc walks you through some informative data visualizations that depict progress in Africa by examining a number of factors from each African nation, such as population, GDP, HIV deaths, and number of mobile phones.  He interacts with these visualizations by simply touching the screen of the stunning piece of hardware that is PPI by Microsoft.

Watch on as Marc shows you how to get from data to powerful business insights and impact using Power View.  You can  hear more from Marc in person at the upcoming PASS Business Analytics Conference, from April 10-12 in Chicago, where he will discuss From Data to Insight and Impact – Views from Microsoft Finance.

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