Today, we continue our From Data to Insight & Impact blog and video series from Microsoft Finance Director Marc Reguera.  The inspiration for this demonstration stems from Marc’s diverse travels and his desire to better understand the crime rate of cities throughout the United States. 

In this example, Marc uses Data Explorer to find public data, import it & shape it all within Excel 2013.  He then uses Power View to create a 2D visualization, and GeoFlow to create a 3D visualization of the data.  Watch below as Marc takes you through this quick and easy demonstration of how you can use these powerful tools to gain insights from publicly available data.  Like Marc, in just minutes, you will see which cities have the highest & lowest robbery rates per capita using Power View, Data Explorer, and GeoFlow.


Enjoy Marc’s demonstration and then see how simple and easy these Excel add-ins are to use yourself.  The downloads are available here: