3.0 exams became live at VUE testing centers (yesterday) and all core exam training in eCourse format has been released.

 1.)     Learning Plans – (both Organizational and Individual plans)

      a.       Visit: http://www.msreadiness.com/msdynamicslearningplan.asp

·        These plans can help you align to the testing and exams you need to achieve in order to meet MS competencies, SPA requirements and/or any additional product training they may need training on (ie: additional Sales, Technical and Compete training events).

2.)     Learning Consultants

      a.      TRNADVZR@microsoft.com

·        These people are committed to helping guiding partners through your learning plan. One you’re active on a Learning Plan they can provide insight on additional events, promotions and program benefits which ensures you’re getting trained or certified at a low cost while keeping any process complexities to a minimum. They are the “know-it-alls” of Microsoft Dynamics training events, certifications and the connection points to the other MS internal personnel you are working with.