153 danske AX partnere deltog i den første AX 2012 R3 Blitz træning i januar. Den næste Blitz træning er den 27. februar.....


For Part Two of our AX R3 Blitz we invite you to explore further the rich industry vertical offerings available in R3. Specialists from the Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Public Sector groups will walk you through key business scenarios, demos, resources and explain how R3 enables us go to market with an unparalleled industry offering. The February event will also provide updates and responses to your questions and comments from the January event, so don’t miss these opportunities to interact!

Benyt dig af lejligheden til at høre nyhederne som nogle af de første og inden Convergence, hvor dine kunder hører om nyhederne. Meld dig til her http://www.microsoftdynamics-virtualevents.com/EventRegistration.aspx?eid=07a52954-c8b0-4114-b5c2-137d7047a8dd