Utilization of SQL Server continues to spread across campus departments and enterprise adoption is growing significantly as MS SQL is now required by key application ISVs, infrastructure components, and BI initiatives.  Despite this growth, many institutions continue to license SQL Server in a departmental model.  In the worst case, some customers are spending too much. Some buy CALS twice while others are purchasing commercial versions resold by application or hardware vendors.   Typically, customers don’t even know how much they are spending.  Microsoft can help!   


Academic pricing for SQL Server is a tremendous value for Higher Education customers!  SQL Server licensing is also very “flexible” with different product versions (Workgroup, Standard, Enterprise), different licensing models (Per Proc, Server-CAL), different deployment scenarios (physical vs. virtualized, internal vs. external), and multiple contracting vehicles (Open, Select, Campus).  We must work with our customers to ensure that they understand all of their licensing options and help them to identify the optimal model for their needs.  In many cases this will be transferring to a centralized enterprise model that provides them broad deployment capabilities, and predictable annual licensing fees.


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