TechNet Magazine published this special online-only Green IT issue for IT Pros earlier this evening.


The issue features a strong collection of new and archived articles, including:

·         Framework for Building a “Hyper-Green” Virtual Server System

·         Planning Your Power Management and Virtualization Strategies

·         Essential Tools for Planning Your Virtual Infrastructure

·         Enforce Power Management Settings in your Organization with Group Policy

·         Sleep or Hibernate?

·         Is It Time to Turn Off Your Servers?

·         Conserving Energy with Group Policy

·         Plan and Optimize Your Infrastructure to be Energy Efficient with System Center

·         Build a Green Datacenter


It is worth noting that the release of the magazine not only coincides with Earth Day but, perhaps more importantly, the 1st anniversary of the Sustainable IT online column in the magazine. The issue also nicely compliments a separate Green IT publication released by Microsoft earlier this year for strategic architects: The Architecture Journal – Green IT Computing.