There are many ways Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta can make your life easier. Today, we’ll show you how to use a workspace for your next group project.

A workspace gives you a single online place where your group can store notes and schedules, and create a final report, without having to merge separate documents. It’s simple:

1. Create your group workspace
Start from scratch, or use the project or study group workspace templates.


2. Add your files
Install the Office Live Update to save documents to your workspace directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


3. Share the workspace with your group
Let them view and edit the files—so everyone is always working on the latest version. Remember, you can revert to a previous version if necessary.

Sign in to create a workspace for your next group project.

(How are you using Workspace to make life easier? Tell us your story—and get ideas from others—on our blog.)

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