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  • Blog Post: Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Client for Mac and Linux is out!

    System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Client for Mac and Linux: anti-malware protection for unmanaged desktops and servers running Mac or Linux operating systems. Extended Security To secure these Mac OS clients, Endpoint Protection 2012 is now available to provide antimalware detection and remediation...
  • Blog Post: Native Lync client for Mac RTM

    This is big in education - yea.
  • Blog Post: Office for Mac 2011 SP1 RTW

    We just officially released Office for Mac 2011 SP1 this morning. I know many of you are anxiously awaiting this update. If you are using Automatic Update (MAU) you should get prompted at some point today. If you’re not using MAU, you can get access to the update either through VLSC or through...
  • Blog Post: Mac Communicator and desktop sharing!

    We released an update to Mac Communicator (13.1) earlier this week which enables customers to share their desktop from a Mac. This release includes a huge new feature as well as some important bug fixes for our enterprise users. For the first time, we will support desktop sharing with both Mac and Windows...
  • Blog Post: Office for Mac 2011 is done

    I wanted to make sure everyone knew that Office for Mac 2011 hit RTM late last week! It should be on MVLS next week and on price lists 10/1. There is a a blog post at
  • Blog Post: Macintosh Product Group Event in Boston 5/6

    We worked with the Mac BU to include Boston in their upcoming roadshow. Goal is to prepare customers for Office for Mac 2011 slated holiday 2010. Office Mac 2011 has compelling capabilities like Outlook for Mac, Rights Management Support, deeper SharePoint integration, etc. May 6 th Customer Event...
  • Blog Post: Outlook for Mac is back!!

    We normally don't just link to other stories but this is huger for education. It's all over but the waiting:
  • Blog Post: Entourage for Exchange Web Services Beta is Live

    I am excited to announce that we went live with our Entourage for Exchange Web Services beta today. For those of you who may be new to the Exchange Web Services feature, this is new technology that we partnered with the Exchange Server team on to allow clients like Entourage to connect to the Business...
  • Blog Post: Groundhog day - Entourage MAPI support?

    Here's some good insight on a question we get all the time - "When will Entourage use MAPI?"
  • Blog Post: Messenger for Mac v7 released

    Messenger for Mac 7 was released for download from our website today: Corporate Features: • For corporate Mac users, increased support for Office Communications Server 2007 make it easy to search a corporate address book from within Messenger...
  • Blog Post: Remote Desktop Client for Mac beta

    Universal binary, RDP 6.0, other cool stuff.
  • Blog Post: Office Open XML for Mac Beta file converter

    Finally, we have somethingin Beta. For Word only at this time.
  • Blog Post: OWA Light vs Premium

    This is allways a big question with non IE browser support for OWA. Things have improved significantly with OWA 2007.
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