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March, 2009

  • Microsoft Publisher 2010

    Coming in SP2: Save as PDF or XPS

    In this week’s blog post, we’d like to talk about a cool feature that’s coming in Office 2007 Service Pack 2: the ability to save a document as a PDF or XPS file right from your favorite Office applications. First, a little background. Saving as PDF...
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010

    Did you know ... #1

    This week's post begins another occasional series, this one in which we'll share with you 2-5 very brief tips for working in Publisher. The series is taken from tips written by one of our senior testers, John Dimmick, and is used to help new hires and...
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010

    Top Customer Issues Unveiled and Addressed - Commercial Printing

    This blog entry is geared towards addressing two of the top problems customers have faced when using Publisher for creating commercially printed documents. The hope here is that if you’ve faced a similar situation before, this will be useful. We'll be...
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