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June, 2009

  • Microsoft Publisher 2010

    Beta test Publisher 2010!

    Office is now taking applications for the Technical Beta program for the next release. If you'd like a chance to test drive Publisher 2010 and give us feedback on the upcoming release, fill out the nomination form . You'll need to sign into Microsoft...
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010

    How to add UI to Publisher for your macro code

    In this post I wanted to cover something simple that might come up handy when trying to add custom controls to Publisher’s UI that can serve as entry points for your macro subroutines. For that, I created a simple macro that adds a new button to the ...
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010

    Scratching the Itch: Using the Publisher Scratch Area for Layout

    In addition to toolbars, the page, task panes and rulers, there is another area of the Publisher window that is especially useful for working on publications. It's call the Scratch Area, and is a place where you can put textboxes and objects to move them...
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010

    Did you know ... #2

    This article is the second in our series of quick tips for Publisher. This week we have a couple of quick tips about working with pages. Did you know ... .....that you can have multiple Master Pages in a publication? CTRL+M to get in and...
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