This article is the second in our series of quick tips for Publisher.  This week we have a couple of quick tips about working with pages. Did you know ...

.....that you can have multiple Master Pages in a publication?


  • CTRL+M to get in and out of Master Pages mode.
  • Notice the scratch area color changes and the Edit Master Pages taskpane starts in Master Page mode. You can create multiple Master Pages here.
  • Master Pages are like backgrounds you can apply to the foreground pages. Apply them then go to the foreground pages to see them with both background and foreground objects on the page.

....that you can change the order of the pages in your publication by dragging the page icons at the bottom of the page?


  • Just drag the icon to the new position.
  • And did you know that you can give the page a name so that when you hover the mouse over the page icon the name will appear?
  • Just right-click on the page icon and select Rename Page... after changing the name just hover the mouse over the page icon to see the name.

John Dimmick

Software Design Engineer in Test II


About the contributor:  John Dimmick is a Software Design Engineer in Test and has worked for Microsoft for 12.5 years, 10.5 years on the Publisher test team. He believes in making every page masterful.