It's my first post so I'll try to keep it non-technical.  I am a Support Engineer and I've been working for MS as Support Engineer for 9 years. I've supported different products like SQL Server and Exchange previously.  Yes. nine years is a life time in IT industry. :) 

It's not required but it definitely helps to have broad knowledge on different technologies when working with Project Server. For example, SQL Server, Analysis Service, SharePoint, IIS.

The job could be challenging at times. I’ve run into a strange Project Server and SharePoint integration issue with one of my customers over this weekend. We had spent hours to troubleshoot the issues Sunday. It’s not completely resolved yet but I believe it’s getting very close. I’ll keep you posted.

I enjoy listening to music when I am not messing with computer stuff.  Portishead, Massive Attack, and Tricky are some of my favorite groups.