What do you think of this book?

What do you think of this book?

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For many years Microsoft Press books have included a survey page at the back via which we ask for your feedback about the book you purchased, borrowed, checked out of the library, stumbled upon, whatever, and then—thank you!—used. That page promised a “brief online survey.” Well, that survey was pretty brief, and Microsoft Press editors would yearly go over all of your feedback to look for ways to make our books better. But that was then…

We’ve just revised the survey to make it even briefer and to focus it more on your needs (rather than on market-related info as well). And we’ve started a review program in which we look at your feedback by book, by series, by author, by audience as a team every quarter. This is all good, but it’s meaningless without your input.

Please give us feedback about the Microsoft Press books you use via the new survey:


Your participation will help Microsoft Press create books that better meet your needs and your standards. Thanks in advance for helping us do that!


P.S. On the back of each of our books, you’ll find an ISBN. The survey begins by asking you for that number. The ISBN ensures that your feedback is correctly linked to the book you’re commenting on. If you don’t have the book on hand, you can find the book’s ISBN by searching for the book in Microsoft Learning’s Learning Catalog or at the sites of online retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


EXAMPLE ONLY. Each book has a unique ISBN.


P.P.S. We’ve spent no effort on the aesthetics of the survey, and it shows.  :-)

  • Dino Esposito has long been one of the best tech authors for me through the years. "Programming Microsoft Asp.Net 3.5" is yet another fantastic, helpful & practical addition to his previous best-sellers! 5/5 Stars rating from me..

  • As far as I am  concerned all the authors of tech books are idiots. You have no understanding of a logical mind. I am trying to figure out how to attach a file to an email using Windows 7 and I am utilizing the book STEP by STEP. In my mind I could go to the index and look under attachment and it would direct me to directions on attaching a file to an email. There is nothing in the A section of the Index on attachment. Next I go to email logical place to find how to attach a file to an email) but no, nothing under email about attaching a file to an e mail. Where do I go next? Who knows. I guess the authors want you to scan the entire index to find out how to attach a file to an email. The authors write for people who have a tech background and understand all the terms of computers. They don't seem to understand that a lot of people need to learn the basics and the basics are what the books promise but never deliver. I am disgusted with the system. This link is a good example of your obfuscation. I arrived at this page via another link that said I could participate in a survey about the book. READ this page. No where does it say tell you how to take the survey. It has a link that takes me back to the page I came from. It tells me about ISBN numbers ( great), but no where does it offer a link or information on how to take the survey. SO TYPICAL. You are all so full of yourselves you are incompetent.Maxsnowshoe@aol.com

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