Free ebook: Windows 7 troubleshooting tips

Free ebook: Windows 7 troubleshooting tips

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Mitch Tulloch, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and lead author of the just-published (and hot-selling) Windows 7 Resource Kit (Microsoft Press, 2010; ISBN: 9780735627000; 1760 pages), has created a short ebook called “What You Can Do Before You Call Tech Support.” Here are the opening paragraphs:

Your sound card has stopped working, your computer seems sluggish, the network is down, your hard drive is clicking, you can’t view a website, your monitor is hard to read, your new webcam isn’t working, your favorite program won’t run, and a funny burning smell is coming from your computer. What can you do on your own to try to troubleshoot the issue before you pick up the phone to call tech support?

If you’re running Windows 7, quite a lot. Microsoft has included a lot of self-support tools in Windows 7 that you can try using before you seek the help of others, and we’ll examine these in a moment. Then there are the tools you were born with—your five senses (see, hear, smell, taste, touch) and most importantly your brain. And by brain I’m including your memory, experience, and capacity for logical reasoning. Finally, there is ancient and sacred lore passed on in secret from Master to Disciple over the millennia. We’ll see shortly how your brain, your senses, and the secrets of the Wise Ones can be very helpful for troubleshooting computer problems. But first let’s look at what troubleshooting tools are built into Windows 7.

You can download the ebook in XPS format here and in PDF format here. Enjoy!

  • I am fan of Windows 7 and loved all the new features.

  • The text on page 4 refers to things like "the yellow exclamation point" or "the red X", but the document is in black & white, not color!

  • Hi, Bob. Yes, Mitch is describing the color of items you'll see in the user interface of Windows 7. Sorry if that's confusing.

  • Can get neither the PDF nor the XPS links to load anything! :-(

  • Oh, of course!!!  I should have known!!  YOU HAVE TO USE IE TO GET THE FILES TO DOWNLOAD!  Bravo, MS!  Never let an opportunity pass to show how much BETTER, FASTER and SMARTER IE is than everyone else!  Better, that is, when the page is written to only work in IE! :-(  The arrogance is a nice touch!

  • @Skip: What are you talking about? I just downloaded the pdf with Firefox. Stop trolling.

  • Downloaded ok with Firefox....

  • i want free e-book 7 troubleshooting tips

  • Is there any website from where i can get the free troubleshooting book?

  • Thanks once again more to get stuck into,Must say Windows 7 is So So very good,Wish i could help more people with advice and tips, Unfortunatly for me i worry about getting some topics wrong and do not wish to point people i am trying to help in the wrong direction with incorrect advice.

  • Nice book!


  • Downloaded the ebooks usin Safari............

  • very helpfull for user thanks...

  • I am not able to download this any one help me...

  • What's the big fuss about? I downloaded just fine with Firefox... Some people just have to be troublemakers, I guess.

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