Free ebook: “First Look: Microsoft Office 2010”

Free ebook: “First Look: Microsoft Office 2010”

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PLEASE NOTE: We have moved this ebook to a more permanent location. See this post.



Greetings! For a limited time you can download this free ebook without stepping through any registration. First Look: Microsoft Office 2010, by Katherine Murray, offers 14 chapters of early content, organized like so:

Part I, “Envision the Possibilities,” introduces you to the changes in Office 2010 and shows you how you can make the most of the new features to fit the way you work today. Chapter 1, “Welcome to Office 2010,” gives you a play-by-play introduction to new features; Chapter 2, “Express Yourself Effectively and Efficiently,” details the great feature enhancements and visual effects throughout the applications; and Chapter 3, “Work Anywhere with Office 2010,” explores the flexibility factor by presenting a set of scenarios that enable users to complete their work no matter where their path takes them.

Part II, “Hit the Ground Running,” focuses on each of the Office 2010 applications in turn, spotlighting the key new features and showing how they relate to the whole. These chapters provide a how-to guide for many of the top features you’re likely to use right off the bat, and they offer inspiring ideas on how to get the most from your favorite applications.

Part III, “Next Steps with Office 2010,” zooms up to the big picture and provides examples to help you think through interoperability. How often do you use the various Office applications together? Customer research shows that people often don’t realize how well the applications work together as a complete system—which means they might be laboring over items they could easily incorporate from somewhere else. This part of the book provides examples for integrating the applications and explores Office 2010 security and training opportunities, as well.

You can download the ebook here. It's about 10.5 MB.


  • I hope this book has some good learning material in it

  • Nice from MS to provide this book free for all office users.

  • This is great news and quite certain the information will be quite valuable.  

  • Am interested to find out the new features offered in Office 2010 and get ready to provide the new solution when necessary.

  • I like this, free software from Microsoft after many years free support to his products

  • When it will be available the italian language plug-in for the Office 2010 Beta?

    Many thanks for the e-book, very useful.

  • Thanks for the effort. A must read for Office users. Btw, it seems that the download link is not working now. Please provide another link.

  • Link is not working - is somebody going to fix it????

  • Links doesn't seem to be working

  • We're going to be placing the free ebook one a server with the Office group soon, but we wanted to get this out as soon as possible. Sorry for the download issues. We've heard that some people have had luck getting it this afternoon. We'll let everyone know when it has a new home if you can't download it this week.

  • Link does not work. I have tried 3 different browsers to no avail. It will not download or open on-line

  • Link does not work. anybody has got it? please can you share it to us who are not lucky enough, lol.

  • If you just click on the big file icon it seems to download OK

  • Gang, see KimSpilker's comment above.  Thousands of people have downloaded the e-book already, but we'll blog about it again when we provide it via the Office group.  Just keep your eye on our blog or on our Twitter account.

  • With all respect due, to say "We're Redmond MSFT and here's a download that 100% of users who tried it all day can't make work and we've heard that some users can make it work" is like your ad agency saying "We have Windows 7 and it doesn't crash for a select few people."

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