Free ebook: Petzold’s Programming Windows Phone 7 (Special Excerpt 2)

Free ebook: Petzold’s Programming Windows Phone 7 (Special Excerpt 2)

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643352_win Phone.inddJust in time for VSLive in Redmond, here’s a second draft preview ebook of Charles Petzold’s upcoming Programming Windows Phone 7! The first preview ebook contained six chapters. This one contains eleven chapters (and 265 pages):

Part I   The Basics

Chapter 1   Hello, Windows Phone 7

Chapter 2   Getting Oriented

Chapter 3   An Introduction to Touch

Chapter 4   Bitmaps, Also Known as Textures

Chapter 5   Sensors and Services

Chapter 6   Issues in Application Architecture

Part II   Silverlight

Chapter 7   XAML Power and Limitations

Chapter 8   Elements and Properties

Part III   XNA

Chapter 20   Principles of Movement

Chapter 21   Textures and Sprites

Chapter 22   Touch and Play

Download the PDF here. Download the XPS here. And download the sample code here.

We’ll be finishing Charles’s full book in time for PDC10 (October 28). And, guess what: it will also be free.

As always, enjoy!

  • what about a .mobi version so it works well with my knidle? :)

  • thanks, it's exactly what i was looking for!

  • The book is absolutely brilliant. Thank you!

  • Amazing. Thanks a lot :)

  • Great sir ,Thanks a lot


  • Thanks, The book looks interesting

  • I can't download it :(, please keep on sharing the book

  • hi! i'm from Ecuador, Thanks a lot for the sharing!

  • Had a chance to read it completely.

    Very good book.

    you dont need to know XNA or silverlight to read this book.

    this book takes you from 'zero to hero'.

    good one.

    thx for sharing.

  • Gracias por el libro!

  • Hi! Im MSP from Venezuela, my blog is

  • Gimme database.....

    Not Petzolds fault.. (love the guy) but bl..... MS.....

    no fan of mySql and other quasi stuff....

    Norw Thing...

  • hi from Iran thanks!!good luck every one

  • Hi, i am from Indonesia. Thanks for the book :-)

  • Speaking of ebooks, does anyone know if Windows 7 phone HAS support for ebook readers?

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