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  • haa esta genial la bibliografia!!!

  • WP7...Great!

  • O lovitura sub centura piratilor. Microsoft schimba politica ?

  • These are excellent resources. I'm sharing them with my friends as well. Thanks so much!

  • Thank you MSDN for sharing this excellent resources with us.

  • Great list, I plan to read through them all. Thanks!

  • Thanks!

  • Thank You for this list :)

  • Amazing! Here is a full basic foundation for learning about the key technologies of Microsoft. Congratulations and Thank you very much!

  • Great,Thanks man.

  • Thanks for sharing,

  • Thanks a lot

  • Thanks

  • That's great!!! This is the best way to introduce everyone to Microsoft technologies. Thank you.

  • This is fantastic! What a great resource available for free that I was not aware of prior. Thanks Twitter!

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