Ebooks: List of our free books

  • Thanks a lot! The first are my favourites. :)

  • Thanks Guys!

  • One of the most useful and interesting resources of the web. Thanks

  • Thanks a lot!

  • Great!! thanks a ton

  • Free but with a catch.  Only a few chapters of each book are available.  Companies hand out free demos all the time.  Nothing to get excited about.

  • Nice!

  • Wow that's great! thank you

  • These are full ebooks, not just a few free chapters. They were funded by the different business groups at Microsoft and designed to give away to help people learn about our new technologies. It's part of our mission.

  • now that the books are free, start reading, not just adding to your collection. :)

  • Great Resources. Kindly don't stop here.

  • Very goog..thanks for all !!!!!!!!!!

  • Excelente!

  • <a href="www.livres-gratuits.fr/">Ebook Gratuit</a>

    Hi it is very nice and full of knowledge.

  • <a href="www.livres-gratuits.fr/">Ebook Gratuit</a>

    This is really a great work. i am related to software work and it is very useful list. thank you very much.

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