Ebooks: List of our free books

  • Thanks a ton for providing free books as education for all

  • Someone should update this list, since it's fairly outdated.

  • Kim Nilsson, use our "ebooks" tag and you'll find plenty of updates. Enjoy!

  • You can use http://www.online-convert.com/ to convert XPS to ebook formats (epub, mobi, etc).

  • yhanks a lot

  • This is fantastic! What a great resource available for free that I was not aware of prior. Thanks Twitter!

  • Quick, read this free stuff and start pushing expensive software on your clients...

  • Great freebie looking forward to receive my e book thanx

  • Is there a possibility with this layout to see the complete list of the books?

    I see some truncated books over there, so I imagine there are a lot of books that are just not visible (I use Chrome).


  • And what are that spam messages over there? Can't Microsoft improve or apply a filter over the SPAM in its own blog?

  • @Sergiu - I updated this page at the top. We have a new site where we store our current free ebooks - www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/ebooks. Hope this helps.

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