Project: Simple Game Creation for Windows Phone 7

Project: Simple Game Creation for Windows Phone 7

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Looking for a way to get into mobile development? Build a game with a little help from this open source project on CodePlex.

HomeScreen[3][1]_thumb[1]ScriptTD is an open source project that allows anyone to easily create a new Tower Defense game for the Windows Phone 7 platform, without any prior programming knowledge. The project lets you create new art & audio and edit some XML files to bring it all together into a polished game without having to write all of the code required to make the game work.

Head to and follow the instructions there to get started.

  • This is cool thanks for the post Kim and one thing i need to know is whether i will be able to test the games with virtual Windows Phone because i do not have windows phone 7 at the moment ?


  • Hi. You should be able to test your game on the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 emulator. See the download and instructions here at MSDN:

    We created some quiz apps for the Windows Phone 7 last fall and I used the emulator. It worked great for me. I didn't have a phone yet, either.

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