eReference Library: Subscription information

eReference Library: Subscription information

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We don’t often feature our Microsoft Press eReference Library on the blog. I thought it might be time for a refresh. image

Access a wealth of Microsoft Press books by subscribing to our eReference Library hosted by Safari
Books Online. You’ll get access to Microsoft Press titles and time-saving tools that make it easy for you to organize information and personalize your experience so that you can reach your training goals.

  • Search and access more than 600 reference books from Microsoft Press, and read the full content online.
  • Quickly find specific information within a book.

  • Easily search multiple books to find information on the same topic.

  • Cut and paste code.

  • Read books on your computer or from any mobile device.

  • Download up to five chapters per month with tokens.

Find out more at

Microsoft Press eReference Library Top Titles


  • The problem is that I have to pay for what I do not use. On books24x7 MS Ref, there was the option to buy IT Prof Library or Developer or both of them. In my oppinion is not fair. I don't think that I'll renew the subscription.

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