Free ebooks: Great content from Microsoft Press that won’t cost you a penny

Free ebooks: Great content from Microsoft Press that won’t cost you a penny



We have developed a new landing page for our free ebooks on the Microsoft Virtual Academy site. It’s easy to browse and find the links to the ebooks you want.

Check it out here:


  • Thank you this is almost as exciting as TechEd 2012.

  • thanks so much for sharing this page . nice work done.

  • I really like the new initiatives that are coming from microsoft

  • Thanks for E-Books. Let put some more free E-Books about new MS technologies.

  • I like these __FREE__ thing........

    I love Microoft

  • This is a great add to our knowledge!

  • Thank you Microsoft, What a great Company.

  • Thanks for providing these valuable books. Curious to read them..

  • Smart idea.  I do not know if you send updates of just eBooks but I would subscribe to that.

  • Super, Very much Helpful

    Thanks a lot

  • Thanks, folks, for providing some guidance into the usage and the thoughts behind some of your most important applications and systems.  For those of us in no financial condition to go out and purchase all the textbooks we need, these are certainly excellent for helping us to understand the technology and maybe even give us a start to using it, as well.


  • Love to see more such books on Windows Powershell !!

  • Nice,

    Thanks a lot - Misaotra Tompoko

  • Thank you for these Microsoft. Most of my informatiom management activities is accomplished from using Microsoft information technology!

  • thanks very much........& also expecting more information........again thanks...

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