9780735663251fWe’re pleased to announce the release to manufacturing of the book Windows Phone 7 Development Internals, by Andrew Whitechapel, who is a senior member of the core Windows Phone Application Platform team. This book covers the breadth of application development for the Windows Phone 7 platform (both the major 7.0 and 7.1/7.5 versions and the minor 7.1.1 version). The book shows how you can build compelling and useful applications for Windows Phone, while providing detailed technical insights into the design of the application platform itself, which will help you build applications that are consistent with the strategic vision for Windows Phone. While you can build both XNA and Silverlight applications for the Windows Phone platform, this book focuses on developing Silverlight applications using Visual Studio.

Each chapter covers a set of related features. For each feature, the book provides one or more sample applications, and walks you through the significant code (C# and XAML), so you can understand both the techniques and the design and implementation choices that you have in each case. The book calls out potential pitfalls and provides scenarios where you can typically make performance or user experience improvements. An underlying theme of the book is not only to conform to the UI design guidelines, but to also to the notion of a balanced, healthy phone ecosystem. The book is available now in a Rough Cut version here: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0790145336651.do.

This book is scheduled to be available in print and e formats in just a few short weeks in June, 2012.