cover for Building Web Applications with SVGWe’re pleased to announce that Building Web Applications with SVG (ISBN 9780735660120) is now available for purchase!

Written by David Dailey, Jon Frost, and Domenico Strazzullo, this guide will help you discover how to:

•Build client-side graphics with little impact on your web server

•Create simple user interfaces for mobile and desktop web browsers

•Work with complex shapes and design reusable patterns

•Position, scale, and rotate text elements using SVG transforms

•Create animations using the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL)

•Build more powerful animations by manipulating SVG with JavaScript

•Apply filters to sharpen, blur, warp, reconfigure colors, and more

•Make use of programming libraries such as Pergola, D3, and Polymaps


You can purchase the book from O’Reilly Media, our official distributor, here.


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