Microsoft Press announcement

Microsoft Press announcement

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Microsoft Press has recently decided to take back all English language editorial and publishing functions for the business. O’Reilly Media will no longer be producing titles on behalf of Microsoft Press. However, they remain our marketing, sales and distribution partner.


If you are a Microsoft Press customer

You will still be able to purchase books on as well as through all online bookstores and brick and mortar stores where you normally purchase Microsoft Press books.


If you are a Microsoft Press author

You will hear from your editor about the completion of your book. In some cases, your book will be completed by staff from Microsoft in Redmond.

If you have special concerns, please contact your editor or contact the Microsoft Press team here.

  • Great, maybe you can finally start pumping out some Exam-Refs.

  • >> In some cases, your book will be completed by staff from Microsoft in Redmond.

    Wow, that sounds ... brutal.

  • Noone Nevermind,

    Well, we simply mean by Microsoft Press's own editorial and production teams. And we're told that process is a joy, actually. :-)

  • When is the exact and true release date of book "Exam Ref 70-487" ?  The released date had been changed 2 times and it is too late ..



  • @Hisham Saber - good news. That Exam Ref 70-487 has been completed and will be going to the printer in October. I will create a blog post about it in the next week when you can order it.

  • To say that I’m overjoyed to hear this news is a sincere understatement. Over the past 20+ years as a writer, I've worked with every major publisher from Simon & Schuster and Macmillan to Pearson, Penguin, and Random House. I’ve been working with Microsoft Press since 1998 and they, by far, have the best editorial and production teams I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.

    As far as the above regarding completion of books, I'm certain this is with respect to editorial production. The editorial and management of production processes will be transitioned back to Microsoft Press, with Microsoft Press editors and project teams completing the editorial processes as necessary.

  • Does this mean the long overdue Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Internals by Kalen Delaney will finally get published?

  • Does this mean that we will get some news on the 70-341 and 70-342 exam prep books?  I would happy just study and take the exchange 2010 exams if you weren't going to be expiring those exams at the end of the year... How can you expire one set of exams before the resources for the next set of exams are ready?  Seriously?!?

  • I will create a post this week that will detail the projected release date of many of the books you all mention above. I'll let you know which dates are solid and which dates are estimated. We'll do our best to get the priority books out as soon as we can and maintain quality.

  • What does this mean for existing authors? Will we continue to work together? Will you change your portfolio of books?

  • As another well-known author who has worked with various publishers over the years on over three dozen titles, I wholeheartedly agree with what William Stanek says above i.e. Microsoft Press has the BEST editorial team of ANY publishing house ANYWHERE!



    Mitch Tulloch

  • Agree with William and Mitch. Better than cake.

  • Has there been any word on the new books that are in the pipeline?  

  • Agree with Orin Thomas and William Stanek and Mitch Tulloch. Better than cake AND ice cream.

  • I did more than a dozen books with MS Press editorial over the last 20 years, and was very pleased with the interaction and the result every time.  I've worked with a couple of other publishers, but MS Press has always outshined them all.  I have retired now, and I'm glad I didn't have to suffer with O'Reilly.  My co-author who took over my main book hasn't sounded pleased at all with the process with them.  MS Press editorial has always made good authors look great and even average authors look very very good.  The quality should go back up with the editorial back in house.

    John Viescas

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