Quick news: Microsoft Press will launch new site with Pearson on April 1

Quick news: Microsoft Press will launch new site with Pearson on April 1

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We're excited to announce that Microsoft Press will be distributed by Pearson starting April 1! Check back for a link to our brand new website and special offers. You'll still enjoy DRM-free ebooks and great service! Our books will continue to be sold by retailers around the world.

We’ll unveil our new website to all of you when it’s ready. You will also be able to purchase Microsoft Press books through Informit.com.

  • Too bad that this isn't an April Fools joke.

    I was extremely happy with Microsoft Press being available via O'Reilly and have purchased several dozen e-books there as a result.

    I have also purchased several books through Pearson as well. The quality of the e-books are fine, but I do not care for the website and generally avoid it when possible.

    I'm sure that there was some business reason for this that isn't being told, but this change offers no improvements to your customers.

  • Will Microsoft books still be available on O'Reilly's Safari site?

    Will the new web site be just for Microsoft Press Books or will they be rolled up in the Pearson/Informit products?

    Like the previous reviewer stated, I don't see a benefit for the customer by this move?  I am not that excited as Microsoft is. Didn't find any problems with O'Reilly.

  • We will have a new web site to unveil in April. It will be a Microsoft Press Storefront that we've never had before. We hope you'll really like it and would welcome your feedback. We believe this change offers many advantages to our customers around the world. Our books will continue to be available in the Safari Books Online library.

  • Business relationships change and you won't always be 'exposed' to the reason for every change. Could be something that O'Reilly was doing that would impact the price to the consumer? Could be different type of offering/solutions?

  • @ITAcctGuy - well said. We hope everyone will enjoy our new upcoming site.

  • So do I have to pull down a copy of all my MS Press books from O'Reilly site before the switch?

    Sorry, but Microsoft has burned me with it continuing changing of Music, (MSN music, then Zune music, now this Xbox music, + Zune video, Xbox video)

    Your company stuck me with Zune hardware and Window 7 Phone hardware.

    So what do I to do with all the $$$ I have put into your O'Reilly site?

    Does my account transfer to the new site?

  • LiveFromRaleigh,

    Microsoft Press ebooks that you have purchased via O'Reilly will remain in your O'Reilly account after we launch our new site.

  • @LiveFromRaleigh - you purchased those ebooks. They belong to you. You can check your digital locker at oreilly.com. They have promised to keep the Microsoft Press ebooks in customers' digital lockers even after the transition.

  • Will we still be able to register our physical copies to the e-book at a discounted rate?

  • Excellent news, I welcome change and hope it is for the better.

  • @LiveFromRaleigh:

    The Zune still works and is still one of the best players out there.  The music service name changed, but you kept all your purchases.  WP7 hardware is still supported and is fantastic, too.

    Let me guess - you're also feeling burned by Windows XP end of life?

  • @Matt - we're working out the details now. Stay tuned.

  • I am deeply concerned with your decision to move your Ebooks from Oreilly.com.

    Oreilly.com has built up a lot of trust within the IT community and Pearson as well as InformIT im afraid dont have that same element of trust bestowed upon them.  Perhaps some of that lack of trust is due to the fact that Informit does not trust their customers to provide them with a "proper" DRM free Ebook.  Also the quality of their ebooks are poor.  Lets not even begin with the layout of the website.

    I also own around 300 ebooks purchased through oreilly and a good percentage of Microsoft Press books.  I also own print books due to my lack of trust with ebooks from many publishers and distributors for example amazon.com and their Kindle with their George Orwell erasing from the device stunt.

  • Thank you all for your comments today. Look for more details over the next couple of weeks as we launch our new site.

  • Has this got something to do with Microsoft setting up a market place similiar to Apple with their market place.  Is this linked with the Windows 8 and trying to drive consumers through a single purchasing platform that Microsoft controls.

    Hope this is not the case!

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