Quick news: Microsoft Press is now distributed by Pearson

Quick news: Microsoft Press is now distributed by Pearson

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As many of you saw in the post from a couple of weeks ago, Pearson is now the worldwide distributor of Microsoft Press books. As always, you can  purchase our books from any retailer, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

What’s new is that you can also purchase them directly from InformIT.com, Pearson’s site.

Later this month we’ll be unveiling our new Microsoft Press Store online. Stay tuned. I’ll also include an FAQ then to communicate the changes and answer some of the concerns that many of you expressed in your comments a couple of weeks ago. We appreciate your feedback.

  • I haven't purchased anything yet, but plan to do so soon.

    First impressions: negative.

    1-According to each ebook page, the ebooks are now watermarked. Although it may not be a big deal (and watermarkm is always better than DRM), I had hopes you guys kept it as it was in O'Reilly.

    Here's hoping that's just some standard text put by Pearson and that the book are not watermarked.

    2-Also, it seems like most old books have not been included... maybe you guys just focused on new stuff first, but it would be nice to see the same catalogue (or bigger) than you had in O'Reilly.

    3-Less ebook formats: no more APK or Daisy, though to be honest I never used them. As long as you guys keep PDF, EPUB and MOBI for all books, I'll be happy.

  • I must say I really really dislike that site, a lot... sorry to see you left O'Reilly as that site was usable, unlike the temp new one. -1vote here to this...

    As a note if you search for Microsoft press via front page of that site, you do get a semi sorta ok list, but if you click the author shown as Microsoft press, its a dead link to new store site you are working on... sigh, its like the mid 90's geocity site came back from the grave. :( ill give it time but man, ya should have stayed on O'Reilly until your site was fully live as that site only detracts me wanting to buy a book.

    Thanks and sorry for this rant.

  • What is the link for Pearson webshop???

  • www.informit.com is the site

  • I've just noticed that a book ("Windows Phone 8 Development Internals") I'd like to buy in printed format is available only as an e-book: what about the printed book (it was available at O'Reilly's)?

  • What a Train wreck.

    Riddle me this: Search for "Microsoft press" in Products -- Filter by type eBooks > Adobe DRM PDFs - and you get:

    Novell Linux Desktop 9 User's Handbook, Adobe Reader

    By Joe Habraken

    Published Nov 7, 2005 by Novell Press

    Did you get the same team (at CSI) that did the Obamacare Web site or what?

    Congrats folks of your plan to move to a Craiglist Web site for your products.

  • Trying to find Exam Ref 70-416: Implementing Desktop Application Environments supposedly published Sept 2013 - cant find it anywhere and as mentioned above the seach on this new site is terrible

    Please can someone sort it out and let us know where to find these certification books

  • @janec - the 70-416 was cancelled.

  • @Luigi - you can buy it at Amazon - www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_1_2. We were in low inventory situations on many titles going to Pearson. We tried to keep as many print books in the retail channel as possible. We're reprinting titles over the next couple of months.

  • @KimSpilker

    OK, Kim. Thank you!

  • Confirmed; ebooks are now watermarked...

    I don't get my name at the bottom of every page when I buy a printed book; I don't see a reason to get it when I buy an ebook (and trust me, it's not going to lower piracy).

  • On the bright side: I'm glad you guys finally released Windows via C/C++ fifth edition as ebook :)

    Hope you also bring back old ebooks, both the ones that were available in O'Reilly as well as other older ebooks.

  • I'm glad about "Windows via C/C++" too! I finally got a copy.

    It looks like the everyday ebook prices on Informit are maybe lower than they were on O'Reilly. But every now and then, O'Reilly would have some very nice sales.  They seem to happen less often (and not as deep discount) on Informit.

    I don't really care about the watermarks - as long as there's no Adobe Digital Editions DRM.

  • That whole breakup thing between MS and O'R is such a major bungle, ... to stay polite.

    70-488, 70-416, 70-489 Exam Refs ... lost in the wild, in battle ...

    Will they ever get published, one day ?

  • Hi, Tama. We don't publish Exam Refs for each and every exam. The Exam Refs currently in progress are 70-411, 70-413, 70-414, 70-417, 70-480, 70-481, and 70-688. The Exam Refs published in the last few months are 70-410, 70-412, 70-482, 70-483, 70-484, 70-485, 70-486, 70-487, and 70-687.

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