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Join the discussion on DocCom! ...Do you use telehealth/teleconsultation?

Join the discussion on DocCom! ...Do you use telehealth/teleconsultation?

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The new ground breaking social network for healthcare professionals, DocCom, has got off to a superb start. Not only has it welcomed around 8000 healthcare professionals to the platform but discussion around some key topics has been started.

This week DocCom has welcomed Dr Richard Pope - a Telehealth Consultant from the North of the England. He would like to know how many DocCom community members use telehealth/teleconsultation in as part of their jobs. Also, he would like to know what have the challenges been in getting it started? Whether it is a technical issue or one relating to the engagement of clinical colleagues, there may be an approach other people have taken that could help others following a similar route.

To join Dr Richard Pope's conversation, to look at what else is going on and to register on DocCom please see the DocCom website. You will need to join the Microsoft's Healthcare Innovation through Technology (HIT) network.

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