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  • Blog Post: How Does Windows 8 Fit in the Reference Architecture?

    This is another post in our series about the Chemical Reference Architecture (ChemRA). We will examine how the next release of Windows, code-named Windows 8 , fits in the overall architecture. The best way to do this is compare how Windows 8 supports and enhances some of the architecture principles....
  • Blog Post: Cloud psychology in process manufacturing!

    Many trends in the economy in general, and in technology, in particular, face resistance due to initial risks and unknowns associated with them. Cloud computing is not immune to such resistance, especially in the manufacturing space including process manufacturing. However, looking back at some historical...
  • Blog Post: Hello World

    In time-honoured fashion in the computing industry, I start this blog with a "Hello world" message. Corny, cheesy or clichéd it could be, but it just seems so "right". Now, in a more serious vein, what is this blog all about you might be asking. Well, it's the official blog of the Microsoft...
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