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The new world of social collaboration in Enterprise - free download!

The new world of social collaboration in Enterprise - free download!

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As you have probably noticed we are witnessing fundamental shifts in enterprises and societies. Four computing megatrends - cloud computing, the proliferation of mobile devices, Big Data, and pervasive social features in applications - are increasing employee engagement, improving team collaboration, and enhancing business agility. These trends serve new work scenarios in which it’s easier than ever for workers to collaborate to do their work. The business and IT benefits of these trends are concrete, measurable, and significant, and they’re driving the next generation of enterprise computing.

Microsoft has a complete, deeply integrated set of enabling technologies that can help your organisation get the most out of social collaboration. Therefore we have bundled together all these great points into one juicy info booklet. Download it now for further info.

Sections covered in this info booklet include:

  • Executive summary
  • Microsoft vision of social collaboration
  • Business motivations
  • Key trends driving social collaboration
  • Enabling social collaboration
  • Key scenarios in social collaboration
  • Share knowledge
  • Work together
  • Get connected
  • Accelerate learning
  • Getting help from Microsoft with social collaboration

Posted by Howard
Content and Communities Manager, Microsoft Enterprise

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