Return on Innovation. It’s the new definition of ROI for many businesses and has become a core element for strategic growth. Why? Because organisations are realising that using innovation in new ways to build more effective business models, products, services, and experiences has resulted in a more organic, successful, and sustainable means to generate revenue. 

I hope you will take a moment to read Turning Chaos into Cash. This brilliant white paper by Roy Sharples addresses and illustrates why innovation changes everything. You’ll learn how to define business value, where to capitalise on your strengths, and several tips to help you differentiate your business, such as: 

  • Eight architectures, services, and technologies that enable solid growth
  • Five key manifestos to create and capitalise on new revenue streams
  • How to envision, innovate, incubate, and industrialise new products and services
  • Tools and techniques for a more focused, professionalised, and people-centred approach to analysis and problem solving
  • The moral compass that will help you foster continuous creativity and innovation

As stated in the white paper, “Technology can improve or create new capabilities to help increase revenue and improve the productivity of operations and assets.”

Your Microsoft Enterprise Strategy Program was designed for innovation. With the help of your enterprise architect and a global network of subject matter experts, you can accelerate innovation in your organisation and strategise new ways to compete.

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