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  • Blog Post: Technology is a team player

    Microsoft’s Breakfast with the Lions event explored the balance between the team and the individual from the perspective of maximising team performance on and off the rugby pitch. Microsoft and the Lions When we gathered at the Skyloft of London’s Millbank Tower , everyone was excited...
  • Blog Post: Re-imagining Work: Shifts in the Digital Revolution

    Dave Coplin , Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft, imagines what might be possible if organisations really began to think differently about the power of technological and social change to transform the way we do business.
  • Blog Post: The head office of tomorrow? ...It doesn't exist.

    For many years tech companies have been somewhat synonymous with rather drab, unimaginative offices that seem to hark back to some 1970s/80s heyday. This is no longer the case of course - Microsoft, Apple and Google all lead the way in futuristic building design. But ask many tech company employees where...
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