Welcome and Introductions

Welcome and Introductions

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Hi everybody, and welcome to the Microsoft in Defence blog. I’m Peter Birch, and I work on the MoD account here in the UK (note the ‘c’ in Defence :-). I realised a little time ago that we didn’t have an easy way of communicating directly with the majority of our customer base, which is you, MoD staff and our partner organisations. So what I hope we’ll have here is an interesting and thought-provoking short digest every now and again of useful information on what Microsoft and our partners are doing in defence in the UK, and where relevant, around the world.

Of course there are certain sensitivities in the defence business, so obviously I won’t be discussing anything not in the public domain. However, there is much we can talk about - how MS products are being used innovatively to solve defence problems, what can be used from the DII program’ Enterprise Agreement, and especially in these dire economic times, how you can save money and do more with less using our kit, and particularly our platform approach. That’ll be in a later blog as well.

I hope you’ll find something to interest you here – check back every week or so, and there should be something new. The next article will be on what the MoD have already purchased from us through the DII program, and whether you can make use of that in your own areas, so hope to see you then!

All the best


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  • Nice idea Pete - look forward to learning more

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