The DII Enterprise Agreement – what is in it?

The DII Enterprise Agreement – what is in it?

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Hi everybody, I promised an entry on what the MoD has already purchased so here it is. Firstly it’s important to know the boundaries of the purchase, and that’s really the DII. If your system or users are part of the DII program, and have DII UADs then you can use the agreement, subject of course to DII approval – it is their contract after all :-). So what is in it? Well, on the desktop you have Windows, Office, Project, Visio, the Enterprise CAL, the MDOP package, the Remote Desktop Services CAL, and the SQL Server CAL. Some things in there you might not know about

- you have Rights Management, which allows you to send an email of an Office document, and specify that the recipient cannot forward it, print it, edit it, and a dozen other things.

- You have App-V our application virtualisation package, which allows an application to be streamed on demand to a client machine, and although the app is running on the machine it never installs there or interferes with other applications

- You have our full antivirus/anti-malware capability, both on servers and on clients

And a host of other capabilities. On the server side, you have virtually unlimited copies (well, up to 180,000 of each) of Windows Server, SQL Server, MOSS, BizTalk, SCCM, SCOM, TMG, Office Communication Server, and Exchange Server, all Enterprise server editions. There’s a lot of capability in there – web server, Enterprise Service Bus, management infrastructure, unified communications, voice and video conferencing, and so on. If you’re eligible to use it, you really shouldn’t be looking to spend money on any of these capabilities without examining what the Enterprise Agreement offers first. In these difficult economic times, you could easily save a six or seven figure sum.

If you have any questions drop me a line –

Next time we’ll look around the defence world at some of the uses Microsoft software is being put to.

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