Hi again, well last time I promised a view on what’s happening around the world, and right on cue, an announcement from NATO that they and Microsoft have signed their first partnering agreement, to work together within the Framework for Collaborative Technologies, as they call it. This is good news – NATO will benefit from our technology understanding of topics like cloud computing, retention of knowledge during staff turnover, and so on, and we will benefit from their obvious understanding of defence so that we can make our offerings more relevant to the defence world.

Actually that’s not the first such agreement in the defence world, he said smugly. Some years ago we in the UK signed a Strategic Relationship Document with the MoD which described how we would collaborate, which has had many fruits including, for example, the revamped IP stack in Windows Vista and following OSes which provides better throughput over lossy networks such as satellite of radio. If there’s any interest I’ll write more about that later.

We’re always interested in getting to know our customers better, so please do get in touch if there’s an area you think we could work together on. Peter.birch@microsoft.com is the place to go.

One of our key thrusts this year is a way to build applications better, faster, cheaper than the current approaches. Next time I’ll talk a little about that, and reference some great work done in the USAF with it.

Bye for now