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  • Blog Post: Creating a WCF ACD Server Part II - Presence using the UC AJAX SDK

    Download Sample Code Ok let me say this for clarification. This isn't a "real" ACD. It isn't "real" because we aren't actually transferring the callers off the IVR. Part of the benefit of an ACD is that moves callers off your IVR to somewhere else so that your IVR has open ports for other callers...
  • Blog Post: Creating a WCF ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) Server Part I

    Download Code Sample In March of last year I started a CodePlex project which didn't get very far and I kind of left it. At that time Speech Server (2007) was still in Beta and I wanted to build an ACD for it, which I somewhat accomplished. If you aren't sure what an ACD is here is the Wiki link:...
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