Hello World!

Welcome to my blog. 

I am a Senior Application Development Consultant delivering Developer Advisory Services in the Enterprise Sector for Microsoft Premier Support.  Boy, that’s a mouth full.  I work in the field for Microsoft.  I left the safe cocoon of the Redmond mother ship at the beginning of 2008 to sow my wild, customer-facing oats.

While in Redmond, I spent most of my time working on the Visual Basic.Net QA team.  From the first 2002 release of .Net through 2008, shipping the next release of VB was my primary  goal in life.  It was either that or go outside.  I was on the team that owned the editor and debugger experience of the Visual Basic language.  At one point or another, I’ve owned many of the features in the VB environment.  Intellisense, the code editor, background compiler, project system…You name it.  Fun stuff all.  For the 2008 release, I lead the QA team and that was a lot of fun.  We shipped LINQ.  If there’s one thing I’m proud of in my career at Microsoft, it was contributing to the LINQ development experience.  That pretty much tops the highlights for me so far.

Out here in the field, I support a large group of developers for a very large enterprise customer.  I focus primarily on ASP.NET application development with a SQL Server backend.  If you can host it, I help them architect it, design it, code it, and test it.  It’s been an eye opener and the experience has lived up to the hype.  In Redmond, when I got up for work, I knew pretty much what I was going to do.  Out here, the days are relatively diverse.  Who knows what what will come up tomorrow?  Where do you want to go today?