I've had my heads down learning firsthand what program managers REALLY do since I moved to the Redmond area this summer.  It's been a real learning experience -- I haven't been directly involved with real shipping code for almost 10 years. 

Also, most of what I would have liked to write about is under wraps for another couple of weeks until the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference.   I'll be there  -- not as a formal presenter, but to help out in the track lounges, proctor hands-on labs, and so forth.  Find me and say "Hi" (or "You MORON!" if need be) if you are attending. 

We've dropped hints, and lots of other people have read the tea leaves in http://commnet.microsoftpdc.com/content/sessions.aspx.  All I can say is stay tuned during the week of September 12-16 when we will be blogging MUCH more regularly.  As always, we want blogs.msdn.com to be a two-way communication channel - listen to what we have to say, but add a comment or send a response with what you have to say.