December, 2006

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    The JSON vs XML debate begins in earnest

    After seeing Douglas Crockford's talk on JSON at XML 2006 recently, I figured that some sort of great debate between XML and JSON advocates was brewing. I had been waiting for Elliotte Harold's rebuttal of what Crockford is missing, but haven't seen it...
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    XML 2006 Observations

    I could only attend half the conference due to a family health issue, but here are some thoughts on what I did see. The links are mainly to the conference program; I believe the entries will eventually link to the actual presentation slides and submitted...
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    Potential at the Trailing Edge

    Lots of people linked to the happy news last week that Jon Udell was joining Microsoft , so I didn't bother. I have previously recommended his great interview with Anders Hejlsberg . This is a clear, concise, hands-on demonstration of LINQ (including...
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    The Model T and the Prius: Simplicity vs Complexity, yet again

    My favorite conundrum, the difficulty of being simple , pops up everywhere I look these days. OpenXML document format vs the Open Document Format Point: OpenXML is so complex no one else can implement it . Counterpoint: Its complexity is due to the existing...
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