May, 2007

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    WS-* and the Hype Cycle

    There's a persistent theme talked up by WS-*ophobes that it's all just a fad , rapidly sliding down toward the "Trough of Dilillusionment" in the Gartner Hype Cycle . I've come to the opposite conclusion after six weeks back in the web services world...
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    The Secret of LINQ Design

    A team within Microsoft ran an "app week" recently to build applications that implement customer scenarios using a variety of LINQ technologies. The feedback on LINQ to XML was uniformly positive. The participants were not XML geeks, but more like our...
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    Accelerating Evolution: LINQ News from Mix 2007

    There is a lot of interesting (and once confidential) stuff that came out of the Mix conference this week. Jon Udell's " Watching Anders Hejlsberg reinvent the relationship between programs and data" ... offers an enthusiastic summary: A lot of the time...
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    Reporting for duty on WS-Deathstar

    After an enjoyable and extremely educational 2 1/2 years on the core XML team in SQL Data Programmability at Microsoft, I've moved to a position in the Connected Systems Division's Interoperability unit. Responsibilities include representing Microsoft...
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