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  • Blog Post: Service Orientation, the Hype Cycle, and a RESTaurant

    Edd Dumbill has a funny retrospective on the SOA hype : 2005 Will Be the Year of SOA -- Are You Ready? (.NET Developer's Journal) 2004: The year of the SOA? (ZapThink, Predicts 2003: SOA Comes of Age via Web Services (Gartner) Bowstreet Predicts 2002 Will Be The 'Year of Web Services...
  • Blog Post: "SOAP is Dead" -- if you believe the echo chamber

    This is something of a followup to my post on the XML Team weblog last week, taking into consideration some of the feedback. I'm getting just a wee bit annoyed about the echo chamber repeating "SOAP is dead" to itself around the blogosphere, with nobody adding any actual evidence other than the success...
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