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    More on "Status of XQuery in the .NET Framework 2.0"

    As Soumitra Sengupta and Charlie Heinemann have officially announced on MSDN , and several of us have blogged about previously Microsoft will not ship an implementation of XQuery in the .NET Framework version 2.0. This decision has generated a certain...
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    XML future: evolution or revolution?

    The biggest dilemma I see for XML and the related technologies is that their reason for existience is to provide an agreed-upon mechanism for interoperability across platforms and applications. but those agreements are hard to update without breaking...
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    XML's overhead will open wallets?

    There's a new article on the overhead that XML creates on networks, and what can be done about it :" Eyes, wallets wide open to XML traffic woes in 2005" This is a topic near and dear to my heart: I've been involved in long-running threads on the xml...
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    Introducing myself

    I just recently joined Microsoft as a Program Manager for XML Standards in the XML WebData team . For the last 5 years I worked for Software AG , mostly helping to support and promote their XML DBMS and web services middleware technology. You can find...
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