Mike Fitzmaurice [MSFT] shares as much as he can get away with about what Microsoft is doing with SharePoint Products and Technologies development

May, 2005

  • FitzBlog

    There's an Office/SharePoint Development Track at This Year's PDC...

    The fact that there’s an Office/SharePoint Development track at this year’s Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles, CA from the 13th from the 16th of September is a big break for you, for us, for everyone. Bill Gates mentioned a few weeks ago...
  • FitzBlog

    Want a Good Example of FPRPC? Try SharePad!

    I haven’t blogged for a while, but I’m hoping to make up for it — starting with this… I’ve told you before that, if you want to add full SharePoint document library support for your own document editor, you'll have to...
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