Mike Fitzmaurice [MSFT] shares as much as he can get away with about what Microsoft is doing with SharePoint Products and Technologies development

June, 2005

  • FitzBlog

    Site Definition KickStart Project

    Want some help building and deploying site definitions, complete with resources like Web Parts, CSS files, etc.? Get thee to , the latest in our never-ending effort to plug information gaps in the...
  • FitzBlog

    SharePad Has Been Updated

    The SharePad workspace on GotDotNet has been updated. It now supports getting/setting custom properties with every open/save. If you want an example of how to use FrontPage RPCs, the URL protocol, etc., this one’s ready to go. I’ve already...
  • FitzBlog

    TechEd, End of Day 4: The Most Interesting New Thing I Saw All Day

    The last four days here in Orlando have been a blur, and that’s not because of the humidity or the evening events. There’s a lot going on here. There are a lot of people here. There’s a lot of content here. And there are a lot of good...
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