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September, 2005

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    Ghosting, Schmosting!

    This is one item I’ve been holding back for a while. FrontPage “12” will be a great SharePoint site designer on many, many fronts. Like the current version, using it to edit a page in a SharePoint site will cause the page to become unghosted...
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    PDC Day 3 (Day 2 for SharePoint Technology Sessions)

    So it’s 10am as I start this posting, which I’m typing while I bounce back and forth between Ryan Stocker’s talk on the Web content management services you’ll see in Office “12” and Rob Lefferts’ talk on our unified...
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    Welcome Aboard, PJ 'n' Pals!!!

    Two new blogs have been created in the past few days that I thought you should bookmark: If you’re building applications for the U.S. Federal Government, the Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism team just started up a blog for issues and...
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    FitzBlog : Web Part Interoperability -- Good News and Bad News

    That post I made on Monday? Namely: “ FitzBlog : Web Part Interoperability -- Good News and Bad News ”? It’s out. It was U2U ’s news to break, and Mike Ammerlaan just helped them break it here at his PDC session on WSS “v3”...
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    The Kimono Is Open, The Veil Is Lifted, The Gags Are Removed.....

    I just got out of Steven Sinofsky’s keynote session on Office “12” here at the PDC, and that means one thing. Actually, multiple, things, but the big thing is that I can stop being (as much of) a jerk about not saying anything about...
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    Web Part Interoperability -- Good News and Bad News

    So we’re getting ready to unveil a little bit tomorrow and a lot on Wednesday regarding WSS “v3” and our Office “12” servers, but a couple of things have popped up that are very, very relevant to people that want to develop...
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