I just found this interesting article (and video) on the web, this shows a Kuka robot running both Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded throwing people around in a virtual rollercoaster ride - this is a great demonstration of the reliablity and real-time control from Windows Embedded operating systems - I wonder where I sign up to get a ride !!.


It's Wednesday in Taipei and we're just about to get started with the Windows Embedded Essentials event - Speakers are Eddie Wu (Keynote), Ravi Gopal (Windows XP Embedded session and lab), Mike Hall (Windows CE overview, Windows CE Lab, Windows Embedded Application Development overview (tons of demos, Win32, MFC, and C#), and .NET Compact Framework application development lab. It's going to be a full day, thankfully the local Starbucks is just around the corner - I wonder if they deliver...

- Mike