The most common problem people seem to be having at the moment is connecting Visual Studio .NET 2003 to the Emulator - why would this be the case ? - Visual Studio .NET 2003 ships with a Windows CE emulator, so surely I can use that to build and test my C# or Visual Basic .NET applications, right ?

The answer is “maybe“... it depends on whether the emulator that ships with Visual Studio .NET 2003 contains all of the features you need for your application - if so, then you can start writing managed applications using the emulator that ships with Visual Studio .NET 2003 - but what if this isn't the case, the good news is you can create a custom operating system using Windows CE .NET Platform Builder, download the custom image to the emulator and then have Visual Studio .NET 2003 deploy your application to the Platform Builder generated emulator image - here's an article on MSDN's “Get Embedded“ column that describes the steps needed to get this working.

Happy C# (or Visual Basic .NET) coding...

BTW, I was playing with a digital camcorder today, the device captures video to .mp4 (I assume MPEG) format - so I copied the .MP4 file to my laptop, double clicked, nothing happened, the .MP4 file extension isn't recognised - so how do I figure out what can play these files? - there's a cool web site that lists known file extensions and the applicaitons needed to use them -

- Mike